Powertrain Solutions

Premium hybrid engines compatible with all the latest environmental legislations

Aurobay develops and produces world-class powertrain solutions for a global market. We are leading the way in innovation, offering engines running on everything, including non-fossil drop-in fuels and electrification.

We’re focused on developing next generation hybrid engines that meet all the latest and upcoming environmental legislations – creating a portfolio of cleaner powertrains that will suit the needs of every market and every infrastructure.

Manufactured in our state-of-the-art factories in Sweden and China, our portfolio is already rich and adapts easily to a wide range of vehicles:

  • Cost-effective 3 and 4-cylinder engines including software, control and calibration
  • Best-in-class specific emissions with products meeting global regulations
  • Systems supporting powertrain electrification
  • Aurobay REx – range extender for commercial vehicles

Let’s start the conversation about how Aurobay powertrains can help you achieve your business goals.

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Spark ignition 2.0 liter

Compact, modular high-performance 4-cylinder engine, hybrid-ready with world-class fuel efficiency

Fuel: Petrol, E30 (HP, MP, LP) E22 (HP+), M15 Hybridization: MHEV 48 V (HP, MP, LP), PHEV 400 V (HP+) Cylinders: 4
Compression ignition 2.0 liter

A high performance, clean and efficient 4-cylinder diesel that’s hybrid-ready and suitable for biofuels.

Fuel: Diesel, HVO 100Hybridization: MHEV 48 V Cylinders: 4