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Compression ignition 2.0 liter

A high-performance, clean and efficient 4-cylinder diesel that’s hybrid-ready and suitable for biofuels.

Based on our award-winning 4-cylinder engine architecture, this diesel shares the same compact, modular design as its petrol counterparts. Advanced boosting from our two-stage serial turbocharger maximizes power and driveability while reducing fuel consumption. State-of-the-art i-ART combustion technology precisely controls the combustion cycle, further improving fuel efficiency. The engine is certified for use with HVO100 fossil-free biodiesel and features systems that trap NOx and filter particulates.

Key features:

  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), lean NOx trap (LNT) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) systems minimize emissions and pollutants while increasing fuel efficiency
  • 2500 bar fuel injection pressure also helps to optimize emissions
  • High turbocharger position improves fuel economy
  • Double variable nozzle turbocharger (VNT) delivers maximum torque and power
  • Stiffened engine base architecture reduces noise and vibration
  • High pressure die-cast cylinder block and bedplate made from sustainable recycled aluminium alloy


Fuel:Diesel, HVO 100
Hybridization:MHEV 48 V
Rated power:173 kW @ 5000 RPM
Max torque:480 Nm @ 1750-2250 RPM
Emission standard:Euro 6d
Compression ignition 2.0 liter front
Compression ignition 2.0 liter rear
Nm Max torque
V mild hybrid-ready
d Euro emission standard

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