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Aurobay is committed to building strong, long-term relationships with our suppliers to support the delivery of innovative, sustainable and competitive powertrain solutions that add value for our customers, in line with our company strategy.

“Aurobay suppliers have an important role to play in our value chain. Together we seek to deliver competitive solutions which support our shared ambition for further growth, with a sustainable footprint.”

Play an important role in our demand chain

Selecting the best suppliers
Aurobay's procurement team sets high standards for our suppliers, and selects them rigorously. We constantly monitor the market and evaluate potential new suppliers. We look for suppliers who share our values and vision, and are committed to delivering the highest quality and services – backed up by a sustainable approach, high cost-effectiveness and customer focus.

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Our partnership approach
Aurobay aims to develop its suppliers as partners. We build sustainable relationships, based on mutual trust, collaboration and transparency. We work together to ensure that our actions are implemented on time, with the right sustainability footprint and at the right cost. We cultivate a mindful, adaptable culture that thrives on leading by example to learn from each other, and together continuously improve.

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Working with Aurobay
For now, Aurobay is still working with Volvo Cars' terms and conditions. These pages set out Aurobay's requirements and processes for suppliers, which complement those from Volvo Cars.

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General Terms and Conditions
The Aurobay General Terms and Conditions of Purchase for both Goods & Services can be found below. Click on the relevant document to view terms and conditions referred to in the text of the purchase order or tender document you have received.

General conditions for purchase of products and services (EMEA)

General conditions for purchase of products and services (APAC)

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