• Aurobay Quality and Sustainability Requirements

Aurobay has high expectations of suppliers and sets rigorous requirements relating to quality and compliance, value, sustainability and innovation.

Quality requirements

All suppliers must

  • Be certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949.
  • Comply with Aurobay’s global terms and conditions, including guidelines and our Code of Conduct for suppliers
  • Be transparent with facts and data.
  • Be proactive in addressing issues and driving efficiency.
  • Strive for continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, while maintaining high standards.
  • Lead technological innovations and reduce waste.
  • Deliver on time and in the correct quantities to shorten lead times.
  • Operate a best-in-class cost improvement policy.

Aurobay Quality Assurance

SAP Business Network is Aurobay's global quality assurance tool to collaborate with our supplier to perform and submit assessments and certificates.

For qualification you as a suppliers need to register on SAP Business Network to respond to an assessment. As part of the assessment initiation, you will receive an invite from Aurobay team to start the register process.

Learn more about Aurobay Supplier Qualification and Performance

  • Aurobay Skövde has stopped using the VSIM application for collaboration with our vendors.
  • Aurobay Zhangjiakou will continue to use VSIM until beginning of 2024.

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Sustainability: Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers

We recognize that Aurobay has a social impact throughout the value chain. All our suppliers are required to follow our Code of Conduct for Suppliers – which clarifies our expectations relating to responsible business behaviors and ethics.

Aurobay further requires our suppliers to ensure that their products are manufactured under conditions that demonstrate respect for human rights, secure health and safety and protect the environment. We expect all first-tier suppliers to cascade our sustainability requirements upstream in the supply chain.

Read our → Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Sustainability: the environment Our supply chain constitutes a significant part of the overall impact of our products. We expect our suppliers to take responsibility for their effect on the environment and to actively contribute to reducing our shared environmental impact.

By working closely together with our suppliers towards carbon neutrality, circular resource flows and increasingly transparent and responsible business, we strive to eradicate any negative impact on our planet.

Become an Aurobay supplier

All over the world, demands are increasing for companies to take concrete actions to tackle climate change and environmental regulations are being strengthened. Ambitious sustainability commitments are increasingly important to attract customers, partners and employees.