Re-imagine motion

Through its heritage with Volvo Cars, Aurobay has been pioneering automotive and manufacturing technology for more than 100 years.

We pioneered the development of compact, modular engine architectures that deliver high power and performance, yet can fit a range of vehicle frames, from small car to SUV with minimal modification.

In 2012, we helped to accelerate the move towards vehicle electrification when the world’s first premium plug-in hybrids rolled off the line at our Skövde factory in Sweden. We were the first global manufacturer to implement the Euro 6 emission standard across our engine families, well before it became a legal requirement.

We continue to work towards a zero emission future, refining our hybrid technologies and supporting the commercial development of low-emission biofuels such as methanol and renewable petrol.

A culture of innovation We are constantly evolving our processes to support innovation, based on a strong creative work culture in an open environment where it is safe to share new ideas. We believe in open assignments where the end designer/engineer is free to propose solutions, and where innovation is linked to learning and personal development.

Our culture of innovation is reflected in our track record of supplying race teams with powertrain solutions that go on to win world championships.

And we’ve been recognized with awards for our world-beating engines. In 2016, Volvo Cars’ VEP HP was judged both Ward’s and Digital Engine of the year.

We have a track record of supplying race teams with powertrain systems that go on to win world championships.