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You can download our brand assets and press images below. More assets and images will become available as we continue to develop our brand and design identity. If there is anything else you need that isn't available here, please make an inquiry to moc.yaborua@aidem.

Download Michael Fleiss – Color (JPG, 415.62 kB)
Download Michael Fleiss – BW (JPG, 478.51 kB)
Download Factory image (JPG, 424.37 kB)
Download Factory image (JPG, 526.49 kB)
Download Factory image (JPG, 594.02 kB)
Download Factory image (JPG, 381.20 kB)
Download Aurobay Press Kit (DOCX, 3.07 MB)
Download Aurobay Corporate Brochure (PDF, 2.70 MB)
Download Aurobay Sales Brochure (PDF, 289.87 kB)
Download Logotypes (ZIP, 5.61 MB)

“The powertrains of the future will not be the same as the engines of yesterday. Our research shows that there is a brilliant, global opportunity for a powertrain company, driven by innovation, sustainability and performance. We are poised to seize that opportunity.”

Michael Fleiss, Chief Executive