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Spark ignition 2.0 liter

Compact, modular high-performance 4-cylinder engine, hybrid-ready with world-class fuel efficiency

Our award-winning 4-cylinder architecture delivers high performance in a compact engine, with excellent fuel economy and lower environmental impact. The modular design means that high, medium, and low power options can be exchanged with minimal installation modification. Modular-based charging systems and bespoke engine software offer a range of power levels and engine performance attributes. Advanced combustion technologies deliver excellent fuel efficiency and emissions control with world class lambda 1 performance.

Key features:

  • A high turbocharger position delivers cost-effective, short low pressure exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) for best possible fuel economy and early activation after cold starts
  • Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) system delivers excellent take-off performance, improved fuel consumption and start-stop experience.
  • 450 bar fuel injection system (FIS) helps to reduce particle emissions
  • Increased block, bedplate and sump stiffness minimise noise and vibration
  • Die-cast cylinder block and bedplate are made from sustainable recycled aluminium alloy


Fuel:Petrol, E30 (HP, MP, LP) E22 (HP+), M15
Hybridization:MHEV 48 V (HP, MP, LP), PHEV 400 V (HP+)
Rated power:246 kW @ 5800-6000 RPM (HP+) 220 kW @ 5400-5700 RPM (HP) 184 kW @ 5400-5700 RPM (MP) 145 kW @ 4750-5250 RPM (LP)
Max torque:430 Nm @ 4500 RPM (HP+) 420 Nm @ 2100-4800 RPM (HP) 360 Nm @ 2000-4800 RPM (MP) 300 Nm @ 1500-4500 RPM (LP)
Emission standard:Brazil L7, China 6b, Euro 6b, Japan SULEV, TZEV (HP+) China 6b, Euro 6d, SULEV 30 (HP) China 6b, Euro 6e, SULEV30 PM1 (MP) China 6b, Euro 6d (LP)
Spark ignition 2.0 liter


High Power+ (HP+) Lightweight modular engine designed for plug-in hybrid applications, with advanced boosting for exceptional power and performance. Low-friction crank system and direct injection maximise combustion efficiency and fuel economy.

High Power (HP) Combination of powerful 48V e-charger, turbo, and low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation deliver wide lambda 1 region and excellent response. E-charger helps reduce noise, cost and weight.

Mid Power (MP) A refined combustion and perfectly matched turbo enable sporty yet fuel-efficient performance. Integrated exhaust manifold reduces engine weight and size for added adaptability.

Low Power (LP) Miller combustion with latest variable nozzle turbocharger (VNT) technology creates best-in-class fuel economy, lambda 1 efficiency and optimised low emissions in all driving conditions.

Spark ignition 2.0 liter rear
Max torque, Nm (HP+)
Rated power, kW (HP+)
d Euro emission standard

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