Our factories

Our factories lead the way in environmental standards

We aim to minimize any form of negative impact from our production processes on the planet and on the local environment. When we build new facilities or improve existing ones, we take great precaution to prevent unsustainable resource use, reduce environmental pollution and minimize the use of non-renewable energy.

Our production lines and assembly areas utilize energy-saving technologies and we are continuously working to further lower the environmental impact from our factories.

We seek to meet or surpass all relevant environmental legislations, and our suppliers are expected to follow the same high environmental standards.

Aurobay has strict environmental controls. To prevent incidents, we have emergency response plans that are supported by regular data collection and established issue-reporting channels.

Environmental initiatives at our factories

  • The Skövde plant is powered solely by renewable energy sources.
  • To promote biodiversity, meadow surfaces have been planted to host pollinating species.
  • Production waste is sorted and four different by-products are sold to other industries.
  • Our Zhangjiakou factory is powered by 100% renewable electricity.
  • Plastic and wooden pallets have been replaced with recycled packaging material to both reduce waste and lower the environmental footprint.
  • Waste aluminum is collected and sent to our aluminum supplier to be reused in our products, creating closed loop resource flows.
  • De-noising technologies reduce noise pollution in the local environment.
  • Heat is reused from our compressors, cooling systems and ventilation, making Skövde self-sustainable down to 5°C.
  • At the Zhangjiakou plant, residue heat generated from oil mist filters, compressor and air handling units are collected to heat up water at the factory, thus saving energy.

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renewable energy at our Skövde plant
reduction in water consumed per engine produced since 2019 at our Zhangjiakou plant