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News 2022-10-10

Sustainable mobility: Aurobay at Aachen Colloquium 2022

Powertrain business Aurobay is showcasing its zero-emission engine project and Miller technology at Aachen this year.

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Get to know our Aachen agenda and the zero-emission engine project here.

Aurobay develops and produces next-generation powertrain solutions for the Geely group and beyond. The company’s vision is to re-imagine motion for a brighter tomorrow. In the push towards net zero, Aurobay is working on several different technology projects – including a zero-emission engine, with zero impact across the entire lifecycle. Aurobay’s zero-emission engine project would be powered by a renewable fuel made from waste and make use of innovative technology to pre-heat the catalytic converter before a cold start. When made from recycled materials at Aurobay’s state-of the-art Skövde factory, its manufacturing and materials footprint would be 80% lower than previous engines. Over its lifecycle, it is likely to impact global warming only as much a battery electric vehicle powered by wind. The zero-emission engine also features Aurobay’s innovative exhaust-after-treatment system which reduces toxic emissions from cold starts almost to zero, and goes beyond Euro 7-compliance.

Tomas Johannesson will discuss his paper The sustainable engine; towards a provider of power and torque with zero resulting environmental impact, which he co-authored with Joshua Dudley and Mats Laurell on Tuesday October 11 at 14.30 at the Sustainable engine concepts panel in Lissabon. Everyone is welcome to visit Aurobay’s stand (booth 22 on the Ground floor) to learn more about the zero-emission engine and our further capabilities. There will also be an opportunity to chat to some of Aurobay’s R&D team and Partnerships and Alliances team.

Meet our R&D experts. Booth no 22.