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Story 2023-03-15

Introducing the Winner of the Under 35 Changemaker Award: Giulia Morello on leading an innovative team

Giulia Morello, Group and R&D Process Manager at Aurobay just won the Under 35 Changemakers Award issued by Project Management Institute.

During 2021, Giulia Morello was the R&D Lead on the project to carve-out Aurobay from Volvo Cars, contributing to the creation of Aurobay as a stand-alone company. She's now Aurobay's youngest manager and looks after a team of project leaders in R&D. Today Giulia focuses on R&D process excellence and on implementing new digital tools to support it. Let's deep dive into Giulia's journey in engineering and project management.

From engineering to automotive R&D

I studied in Engineering and found a role in automotive - an industry which has been undergoing a tremendous transformation over the last years. For me, R&D is the heart of any business, and so I ventured into R&D early on in my career and have stayed with it ever since.

For me, the secret to success lies in finding happiness in what you do and enjoying the process of always learning new things and asking questions. That's precisely what keeps me going in our company and in the automotive industry - I knew it was the right fit for me from the moment I started.

Age is just a number when it comes to leadership

For aspiring young leaders, youthfulness can sometimes pose a greater hurdle than other factors. I believe that with the right opportunities, hard work and support from the company, it is possible to direct your own career. While it's important to strike a balance, being young shouldn't be equated with inexperience. Instead, companies should actively seek out and nurture young talents to promote a diverse and dynamic leadership team. The qualities that have helped me most in my career are saying yes to challenges, investing time and efforts in my ambitions, being compassionate, and not being afraid of being humble. It's important to ask questions and show genuine interest in others. When it comes to my team, one rule that I always follow while talking with them is to be present, without any distractions of phones or laptops.

Overcoming challenges in engineering

The automotive industry is predominantly male-oriented, and this is quite noticeable. As a woman, when you're direct and assertive, it can be perceived differently than if you were a man. However, I think it is important not to second guess your behavior because of this. You must continue to be your authentic self while treating others with respect and care. I can only speak of my experience and not for all women in this field. I personally consider myself fortunate to have worked with great colleagues and not to have experienced biased treatment when it comes to my gender. My advice is to stay focused, keep pushing forward, and if your current work environment is toxic, do not be afraid to report it and change if needed. Seek out an environment that values who you are and nurtures your growth. Remember, it's okay to make changes in your career path and not stick to your studies or past experiences forever.

Future goals and priorities

My focus lies in progressing both in my current role and in preparing my future career path. I firmly believe that with continued effort, clarity emerges about where we ultimately want to be. Although my academic background is in Chemical Engineering, I found my path in Project Management and I want to continue to develop in it while enriching my technical knowledge. Moving forward, my aim is to cultivate the Aurobay brand, while pursuing project management roles, and aiding my team in achieving even greater heights. My team members are leaders driven by their own area of work, and as a facilitator, I am committed to supporting their vision and fostering their success.

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