Aurobay Holding, as of 31st of May 2024, belongs to HORSE Powertrain Ltd. The content of this page is being updated to reflect all parts of Aurobay Holding.

News 2022-12-22

2022 in review: a recap of Aurobay’s end-of-year accomplishments

It’s that time of the year again, wrapping up the past 12 months. At Aurobay, we’ve had a busy and productive year, and we’re excited to share some of our key achievements with you.

First and foremost, we’ve made significant strides in innovation this year. We’ve developed new technologies and systems that have greatly improved the efficiency and performance of our engines. Another big focus for us this year has been sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment. We’re committed to meet our environmental targets of becoming net-zero by 2040. From starting our Zero Emission Engine project to implementing more eco-friendly manufacturing processes, we’re doing our part to help create a more sustainable tomorrow.

In addition to these major accomplishments, we’ve also learned a lot this year. We couldn’t have achieved all of this without the hard work and dedication of our team. From the engineers to sales and marketing, everyone has played a crucial role in our success. So, here’s to wrapping up another great year for Aurobay. We’re excited to see what the future holds, and we’re committed to continuing to innovate, improve, and make a positive impact on the automotive industry, one powertrain at a time.