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Story 2023-03-02

Team leader: Production

Filip Friberg has always been interested in evolving technology and joined Aurobay in 2018 from the Volvo High School.

Taking responsibility

Our team makes the cylinder heads for the Gen 3 Diesel engine. As team leader, I´m a part of the production, and act as a link between the supervisor and the team on the factory floor. I have a lot of responsibility for quality and traceability. It’s also my job to engage with colleagues around the plant and help solve problems when they come up. It is a very satisfying role.

Growth and development

Since 2018, I’ve had three different jobs at Aurobay and Volvo Cars. I’ve always been keen to grow and develop, and looked for opportunities. In my last role for example, I got involved in a project at the ASSAR Industrial Innovation Arena in Skövde. Being a team leader represents a huge learning curve for me, and my supervisor continues to stretch me. She’s asked me to help scope how our Aurobay SAP system will work for logistics.

A great grounding

If you’re thinking of applying to Aurobay, I would tell you to go for it. This is a great grounding for your career. You will be successful if you’re curious and open to opportunities, whenever they are offered. Be willing to learn and you will get all the experience you need.

Filip Friberg

Team leader