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Story 2023-03-08

Women in Engineering: the importance of equity and inclusion in the workplace

Sanam Andersson's journey to becoming the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Software & Electronics Manager at Aurobay has been nothing short of inspiring.

Forced to flee her home country of Iran due to war, Sanam moved to Sweden and found solace in engineering, studying at Chalmers University of Technology. Her passion for technology was soon accompanied by her passion for people. Now she makes sure to build a diverse team within the Research and Development (R&D) department. Join us as we dive deeper into Sanam's incredible journey and celebrate the power of women in Engineering on International Women's Day.

The power of diversity in engineering

I strongly believe that a team with a range of ages, genders, cultures, and professional backgrounds is key to driving innovation and growth. I value my team for their unique perspectives. When hiring a new talent, I focus as much on soft skills as on technical knowledge. Personality is the glue that enables teams to create excellence together. Striving for diversity, equity and inclusion is also essential in overcoming the challenges that women in engineering face, such as the lack of representation, especially in the automotive industry.

The importance of representation and connection

As a woman in automotive engineering, I can attest to the challenges that we face. One of the biggest hurdles is the lack of representation. This is where role models can make a significant impact. My mother was an inspiration to me as she came from an engineering background, and I saw first hand the exciting possibilities in this field. However, not everyone has a role model right in front of them, which is where the power of digital connection comes in. In today's age, we can connect with others from anywhere in the world and share our experiences. By putting a spotlight on diverse teams and underrepresented groups, companies can inspire others and show them that there's a place for them in the industry.

Company culture matters

I strongly believe in finding the right company culture that supports and empowers employees. When I was looking for new challenges in my career as a young woman, I got multiple job offers. At the same time, I found out that I was expecting my first child. Only one company stood out for their genuine and compassionate approach towards me as a future employee. They congratulated me on my pregnancy and reassured me that they'd support me every step of the way. And that was the company I chose to work with. This experience at a young age has solidified my belief in the power of company culture and the importance of finding a workplace that aligns with your values. That's exactly how I ended up joining Aurobay and I am grateful to work in the company where I get to tackle exciting automotive engineering challenges every day with my outstanding team.

Sanam Andersson

Electronic Control Unit Software & Electronics Manager