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News 2022-09-01

Aurobay wins Transform Awards Nordics

At Aurobay, we are very honoured to have been named winners of the 2022 Transform Awards Nordics in the ‘Best Visual Identity’ category.’

So, what does it take to win the Transform Awards Nordics?

The Transform Awards Nordics 2022 is an award to recognize and celebrate the best practices in corporate, product and global brand designs from the Nordic region. The award is for the best overall identity developed and used by a brand, including all visual aspects of a rebrand from logo to typeface. And Aurobay identity ticked all the boxes.

‘We’re very happy to have received the Transform Award Nordics for Best Visual Identity, especially since we’ve just celebrated our first anniversary as Aurobay brand,’ says Helene Carlson, Aurobay’s Head of Communications & Public Affairs. ‘Our brand identity reflects Aurobay’s energy and innovation, which will help power the sustainable mobility of tomorrow.’

‘We wanted the brand to be about motion and energy. And we put a lot of work into creating that perfect looking energy that could also be in constant movement. I really think it turned out nice,’ says Viktor Ehrenberg from Ojity, who worked with our team, and played a huge part in shaping the Aurobay brand identity. ‘It’s always nice to get outside feedback that you’re doing a good job. But meeting with Aurobay people and visiting Aurobay sites, seeing the brand come to life is what’s really rewarding.’

We take pride in being a startup with over 100 years of history of powering the sustainable motion of tomorrow. Our powertrain engineers have been innovating in performance, efficiency, and emissions control ever since the first record-breaking ÖV4 Jakob engine, which was created in our Skövde factory back in 1926.