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News 2021-10-18

Aurobay at the Swedish Lean Forum

Teams from Aurobay’s Skövde factory were out in force at the Swedish Lean Forum conference, October 12-13. The crankshaft team were nominated for the prestigious Lean Prize, and Aurobay’s Director of Operational Development gave a talk about the company’s problem-solving approach to lean processes.

The annual Lean Forum conference in Stockholm is where lean leaders from across the world come together to share best practice and network.

On day 1 of the conference, around 80 in-person and virtual attendees gathered to hear a presentation by Anders Jonsson, Director Operational Development. He discussed an innovative project at Skövde, where employees are empowered to continuously improve their lean processes in order to become more efficient and sustainable – and improve service to customers.

The same conference saw Aurobay’s crankshaft team nominated as one of four finalists for the prestigious Swedish Lean Prize. The team have used smart thinking, planning and new technology to remove the unpredictability from the production line. This has given them control over the flow, increasing efficiency and improving productivity.

Bjarne Hammar, Plant Manager at Skövde, said, ‘At Aurobay, we know that by empowering our people, we can continuously improve what we offer our customers. We are here to power sustainable mobility and beyond. We look forward to developing our offer with new products, and further efficiency and sustainability improvements.’