News 2021-09-23

Aurobay at IAA

Aurobay, which is set to become a become a leader in powertrain solutions globally, made its first public appearance at IAA Mobility, 7-12 September 2021.

Aurobay brings together Volvo Cars' powertrain business with Geely to develop and produce world-class powertrain solutions for a global market. With capabilities spanning two continents, the business marries more than 100 years of continuous innovation, engineering excellence and sustainability, with cost efficiencies and a vast global scale.

Aurobay’s strong sustainability proposition made IAA Mobility in Munich the perfect launch platform. The theme for the conference was ‘What will move us next?’, with IAA highlighting solutions for mobility that are efficient, economical and socially and environmentally acceptable.

In the short term, the new venture expects to take advantage of opportunities as the big OEMs scale down their traditional powertrain operations to focus their investments on differentiators that meet customer demands, like digital experience and electrification. While initially supplying its solutions within the Geely Holding Group, the company expects to serve customers outside Geely in the future.

In the longer term, the company’s vision is to re-imagine motion for a brighter future. Aurobay is investing in its powertrain solutions to further reduce emissions, developing electrification and hybrid technologies, and exploring the potential of renewable fuels.

Aurobay is also accelerating its innovation efforts to look beyond the mobility industry to other applications for its powertrain solutions.

Michael Fleiss, CEO said, “The powertrains of the future will not be the same as the engines of yesterday. Our research shows that there is a global opportunity for a powertrain company, driven by innovation, sustainability and performance. We are poised to seize that opportunity.”

IAA Mobility