Aurobay Holding, as of 31st of May 2024, belongs to HORSE Powertrain Ltd. The content of this page is being updated to reflect all parts of Aurobay Holding.


Outsource every part of your powertrain operations, from concept to industrialization to manufacturing

To retain market share globally, OEMs will have to innovate both with conventional powertrains and with e-Drives for many years to come. Significant investments are required in combustion engine design and production to stay ahead of the competition.

Aurobay offers a seamless end-to-end powertrain service for combustion engines, hybrid powertrains, transmissions and range extenders – through design, industrialization and manufacturing.

Our world-class engineers push the boundaries of powertrain innovation, driving down emissions, driving up performance and minimizing costs, enabling us to help you optimize your powertrain designs through every stage – from concept through feasibility analysis to engineering for powertrain production.

Once the design is developed, we will industrialize it for efficient production in our advanced facilities in Sweden and China. This includes optimizing the flow of the production line, smooth inbound and outbound logistics, and ensuring a low material scrap rate through careful production design.

We will then deliver your powertrains ready for installation at your vehicle plant. All the while, keeping tight control of quality through extensive testing and verification, including digitally-enabled traceability during production.

By partnering with Aurobay as your one-stop-shop for complete powertrain services, you can be confident your requirements will be delivered cost-effectively, to a high standard through every stage of the powertrain journey.

Powertrain system development

Concept, design and engineering


Powertrain research and development for great efficiency, performance and neat integration



Thanks to our extensive in-house experience, we are able to help you develop working prototypes for your concepts

Installation Parts


We can support you with the development and sourcing of installation solutions for the delivery units, acting either as a Tier 1 supplier or as a service provider on your behalf



Optimizing production from scalable to high volume for minimal cost and maximum quality and efficiency

Powertrain manufacturing


Production and assembly of combustion engines, hybrid powertrains, transmissions and range extenders

Sourcing raw materials and components


Access to high-quality and sustainable supply chain, thanks to our scale, knowhow, and networks



Shipping of the powertrain to the customer’s assembly plant, accompanied by the installation parts to complete the powertrain

NVH Development

NVH DV & Development

  • Target setting & cascading
  • Engine & transmission rig test
  • In-vehicle DV test
  • Noise source ranking and breakdown
  • Sound quality optimization
  • Combustion noise development

Engine & Powertrain NVH CAE

  • Modal analysis
  • Structural optimization –Topology /Topography
  • Mount Dynamic stiffness analysis
  • Structural attenuation & ERP analysis
  • Mount vibration FRF
  • 1-D cranktrain analysis
  • Combustion Transfer Function

Powertrain NVH Integration

  • Powerplant rig test
  • In-vehicle DV
  • Dynamic absorber tuning
  • Transfer Path Analysis OTPA
  • Hybrid mode switching
  • Calibration NVH Tuning /Optimization

Transmission & E-machine NVH

  • Electromagnetic force calculation
  • Torque ripple & cogging torque analysis
  • Rotor & stator modal
  • Air gap & Eccentricity analysis
  • Vibration and noise prediction
  • Gear TE analysis & Misalignment
  • Contact Patten analysis
  • Order calculation & phase optimization

Electric control unit and SW development

Electric control unit

  • Functional and functional safety development
  • Inverters and Gateaways development
  • Calibration development
  • Virtual Calibration development
  • Software specification and development
  • Propulsive control calibration
  • Electric drive thermal management
  • On-Board Measurement Emission monitoring
  • China 7 Legistlation Concept verification
  • Hybrid Propulsion development
  • Advanced Engine out Emission Reductions strategies

Software development

  • Control Software development
Aurobay experts in R&D and Manufacturing Engineering
Powertrain test rigs
Powertrain solutions produced annually with minimum failure rate in end of line testing

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Aurobay powertrain experts support OEMs and tier 1 suppliers in developing and manufacturing innovative, sustainable, highly efficient powertrains