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Story 2023-06-05

Women in Engineering: A story for young talents and companies

In this month's Women in Engineering series, we put a spotlight on Elin Friberg, Industrial Program Manager at Aurobay. From a young age, Elin was inspired by her neighbour to pursue a career in engineering. Now, she shares her story with us in the hopes of inspiring the next generation of women in engineering.

My career path to Aurobay

I graduated from Linköping University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and have been working in the field since 2002. However, my journey hasn't been without its share of obstacles. One of the most significant challenges I faced in my career was the 2008 recession, which not only impacted me personally but also had a profound effect on the engineering industry as a whole. Overcoming such hurdles is no easy task. However, after spending 1,5 years at a different company, I decided to return to my previous workplace as I had thoroughly enjoyed working there. Hence how I reignited my engineering journey. Since then, I have found my passion in Manufacturing Engineering, starting as a production engineer and steadily progressing into the realm of Industrial Program Management. Right now I am a project leader for some of our engine projects in both Skövde and Zhangjiakou plants.

The progression of the Engineering field

Over the past two decades, as someone who entered the field of Manufacturing Engineering 20 years ago, it brings me great joy to witness the increasing number of women joining the engineering profession. The engineering landscape has evolved significantly, and I am particularly thrilled to see more women occupying managerial positions. While there is still a long road ahead, the positive changes and growing inclusivity within the industry are truly inspiring. It has been well-established that diversity has a profound impact on business, and I am delighted to observe this transformation firsthand.

At Aurobay, we have been actively recruiting and nurturing talented young women who bring fresh perspectives and open-mindedness to the table. It is crucial for us to support and empower them by providing the necessary tools and resources for their growth and development.

Advice for young upcoming talents

When it comes to pursuing a career in engineering, I always emphasize that extensive technical experience is not the sole prerequisite. The engineering field offers a remarkable range of opportunities, including roles like Project Manager and Product Manager, among others. Engineering is more than just technical expertise—it thrives on curiosity, effective planning, and execution skills. Equally vital is the ability to communicate effectively with others and exhibit passionate leadership.

How companies can lead by example

In order for companies to truly embody diversity and inclusion, it is crucial to go beyond mere rhetoric and demonstrate through actions that women are an integral part of the organizational culture, not only in engineering but across all departments, including leadership roles. It is vital to normalize the presence of women in traditionally male-dominated areas, eliminating the perception that it is an "uncommon" occurrence.

This is precisely why I find Aurobay so appealing. It not only embraces diversity but also fosters an inclusive environment where a sense of camaraderie prevails, akin to that of a close-knit and cozy "small" company, despite its substantial size. Being part of a company that values inclusivity and provides equal opportunities inspires me greatly. I am motivated to contribute to shaping a new corporate landscape that unlocks a multitude of business opportunities.

Elin Friberg

Industrial Program Manager