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News 2021-08-24

Aurobay tests first renewable petrol

Aurobay is helping to test the world’s first renewable petrol with Neste, the leading producer of biodiesel and sustainable aviation fuel.

The new fuel has huge potential. Neste estimates that it could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 65% over the fuel life cycle compared to regular petrol.

More sustainable and scalable than existing bio-gasoline The fuel can be made from a wide range of raw materials, so it could be scalable for widespread commercial use – helping countries achieve ambitious climate goals and meet tough vehicle emission targets.

It can also be used in a wide range of vehicles. Until now, there have been no large scale commercial drop-in solutions that would allow existing petrol cars and hybrids to run on blended biofuel without modification.

Rigorous testing in real world driving conditions Aurobay is central to the development process, putting the fuel through rigorous and comprehensive testing in our testing centre and in real world driving conditions.

“We are making sure the fuel achieves the highest quality standards in everything from greenhouse gas emission reduction to engine performance and the effectiveness of after-treatment to eliminate other exhaust emissions such as NOx,” says Per Hanarp, Technical Specialist Fuels and Engine Oil Engineering at Aurobay.

Michael Fleiss, CEO of Aurobay commented: “We are following the development of renewable fuels, such as Neste's renewable petrol, with great interest and we believe that it has great potential for use in hybrid cars. The combination of our products and Neste's renewable petrol will enable vehicle owners to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions.”