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News 2022-06-27

Aurobay on Munro Live

The zero emission engine features on Munro Live’s Nordic Adventures YouTube video, following their visit to Aurobay’s Uni3 headquarters on 9 June.

In the video [Nordic Adventures Recap | Volvo Museum, EVS35, and More! - YouTube], Munro and his team discuss our hybrid powertrain technologies.

Cory Steuben, President at Munro & Associates says that we are “solving a problem that will exist for the next several decades.”

Sandy Munro, Owner and CEO at Munro & Associates highlights both the use of recycled materials in the zero emission engine and our technology to pre-heat the catalytic converter before a cold start. “We’ve known about this [possibility], but no-one’s ever really done it, so I’m very happy to see that,” he remarks.

He also sees a utility for car owners to replace their old exhausts with Aurobay’s pre-heat technology.

Watch Munro Live’s Nordic Adventures Recap | Volvo Museum, EVS35, and More! - YouTube, starting at 17 minutes 40.