Aurobay Holding, as of 31st of May 2024, belongs to HORSE Powertrain Ltd. The content of this page is being updated to reflect all parts of Aurobay Holding.

News 2024-06-13

Aurobay, as HORSE Powertrain, to join Kristoffersson Motorsport in the 2024 FIA Rallycross Championship

Aurobay, a HORSE Powertrain company, and Kristoffersson Motorsport will be partnering up for this year’s FIA Rallycross championship, racing together under the name “Kristoffersson Motorsport – HORSE Powertrain”.

The collaboration will see the Kristoffersson Motorsport – HORSE Powertrain team enter two internal combustion (ICE) powered-vehicles in the World Rallycross Championship, as well as make a few special appearances in other events.

There is considerable excitement and anticipation at the idea of racing ICE-powered vehicles directly against BEV vehicles, for the first time – in what has been described as the Battle of the Technologies.

The news of this partnership comes a few days after it was announced that Aurobay has joined HORSE Powertrain Limited, reinforcing the continued importance of ICE and hybrid powertrain solutions in the automotive world.

“For us, HORSE Powertrain is the ideal partner in our aim to keep our position as a world-leading team in motorsports. It’s essential to find a strong collaboration with a well-known powertrain manufacturer, bringing their expertise on board for another season of racing", said Tommy Kristoffersson, CEO of Kristoffersson Motorsport.

For several years, Aurobay, now a HORSE Powertrain company, has been at the forefront of developing engines that meet the latest FIA regulations, and which are compatible with the fuels of the future. In this year’s Rallycross championship, a 70% renewable fuel will be used to power all the ICE-powered vehicles, including the two Kristoffersson Motorsport – HORSE Powertrain cars.

“The FIA Rallycross championship series is a fantastic platform for HORSE Powertrain to show the world what ICE can deliver, when powered by alternative fuels. We can provide powerful, lightweight and modular solutions for any occasion", said Matias Giannini, CEO of HORSE Powertrain Limited.

Aurobay’s performance engineers are also testing Aurobay’s ambitions in motorsport this year both in the Kumho FIA TCR World Tour and at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado.

“Our vision for racing and performance is that we want to show the world that our off-the-line 2-litre engines can be tuned to much higher power levels to achieve great results also in motorsport", said Michael Fleiss, CEO of Aurobay Sweden.