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News 2022-04-28

10 years of Aurobay’s Zhangjiakou plant

On Tuesday April 26, Aurobay celebrated the tenth anniversary of its engine plant in Zhangjiakou, China.

Since production began, the flagship plant in China has manufactured almost 1.25 million ICE engines and over a quarter of a million electric motors for Volvo Cars and other Geely Group businesses.

The plant had a particularly strong year in 2021. Its 950 staff delivered over a quarter of a million ICE engines (28% increase on 2020) and 120,000 electric motors (81% increase on 2020) - overcoming the challenges of the semi-conductor shortage, and constraints due to COVID-19, the Winter Olympic Games and power outages.

Zhangjiakou was certified as a Chinese National Green Plant in 2017, and also holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. With a world-class overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) score of 90% (March 2022), the plant is recognized globally for setting the pace in sustainable, lean manufacturing and productivity.

Terry Zhang, Head of Manufacturing at the plant said, ‘Over the last ten years, we have had many successes and overcome many challenges, becoming stronger every time. We look forward to a new decade together, with new opportunities.’