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Story 2022-03-29

Quality Engineer

Kai Zhao gets to live in his hometown of Zhangjiakou, yet broaden his horizons by growing and developing in an international environment.

‘As a Quality Engineer in the Variability Reduction Team, my job is all about analysing deviations and solving problems. A deviation might be incoming material that does not meet the specification or a problem with our process. And then we have to find a solution to problems that come up. I love to practice my logical thought and enrich my knowledge. This is a very creative and satisfying job. ’

Collaboration and problem-solving ‘What’s great about Aurobay is that I never feel unsupported. My manager and team are always there for me. If a problem is too big, I can ask for help. We put our heads together and collaborate to make the right decision. Here, we do important work. But there is little stress. It’s the ideal environment. ’

International exposure ‘Before I joined Aurobay, I held roles in R&D and Process Engineering. Both of these come into play with the job I do today. For example, several times a week, I jump on calls with Swedish R&D colleagues to discuss solutions to problems that we are having. They are very open to my experience and the extra dimension that I bring. ’

Growth and development ‘At Aurobay, I learn from the people around me – and from the experiences I’m having. For example, my university education and previous roles were focused on combustion engines. Now I am working with both electric motors and combustion engines, and developing knowledge in how to deal with them. This is the perfect place for me to grow and develop.’

Kai Zhao

Quality Engineer