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Story 2023-10-13

Life at Aurobay: From the US to Sweden and beyond

Aurobay is full of talented and passionate individuals. One of them is Mike Denny, a brilliant engineer who is always pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the automotive world. We decided to put a spotlight on Mike and share his story, to give you all a better chance to get to know him.

Passion, perseverance, and finding your place in the world

Mike is originally from the United States, but his passion for engineering took him to the other side of the world - Sweden. He moved to Gothenburg in 2012 to pursue his Masters studies in Automotive Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. ´My passion for engineering started when I got my first-ever car back in the US,´shares Mike. ´It was a pretty old car. One day, as I was struggling to replace the head gasket, I found the process to be incredibly inconvenient and time-consuming. I thought to myself ´if I was an engineer, I would have designed this differently. There are so many better ways to design this for easier serviceability.´and that’s how I got inspired to start my university studies in Mechanical Engineering at UWP in Wisconsin. Wanting to deepen my knowledge in combustion engine design, I moved to Sweden to one of the top technical universities in the world.

Life at Aurobay

After finishing his PhD research at Lund University, Mike joined Aurobay as a Senior Analysis Engineer. Right now, as a Performance Owner, he is responsible for the initial and middle phases of engine development, ensuring that the product meets all of the customers´ needs. For the last two years, Mike has been working on the latest addition to the Aurobay engine portfolio - the Spark Ignition 250 PS 2.0 l Miller engine. He recently hosted a presentation, which he co-authored with Ayolt Helmantel and Andreas Berntsson, to introduce the engine on Tuesday, October 10th at Aachen Colloquium Sustainable Mobility.

Life outside of work

´I am currently working on building an endurance race car together with my friends, in a workshop that I set up at my home,´ casually shares Mike when you ask him about how he spent his weekend. On other days, he goes out to the race tracks with his shifter kart or enjoys mountain biking.

Mike Denny

Performance Owner, R&D