Aurobay at International Vienna Motor Symposium 2024

24-26 April

It is not a race between different technologies. It is a joint effort towards net zero

Aurobay is back to the prestigious International Vienna Motor Symposium, held from April 24 to 26, 2024, at the historic Hofburg Conference Centre in Vienna.

This year, the symposium's focus is on greenhouse gas neutrality, highlighting the latest advancements in e-fuels, green electricity, and the potential of hydrogen-powered engines as a way to contribute to reaching net zero by 2040.

At Aurobay, we are committed to developing hybrid technologies that not only meet the current demands for global transportation but also offer practical and efficient solutions for tomorrow's mobility challenges. By integrating advanced e-fuels with the innovative potential of hybrid engines, we aim to lead the transition towards a more sustainable automotive landscape. Explore our vision and innovative products at the International Vienna Symposium.

Hybrid Futures

Join our CEO Michael Fleiss on April 25th at 09:25 - 09:45 on the Festsaal stage. He will discuss the need for a hybrid future, where a fossil-free future for mobility can only be achieved with a technology-agnostic approach, supported by global collaboration. The pace of electrification varies around the world. Accelerating our journey towards net zero requires us to move beyond our dependence on singular technologies, scarce resources and sensitive infrastructures. Next-generation hybrid and ICE technologies running on alternative fuels are essential, alongside electrification, to enable a more sustainable mobility for everyone, everywhere.

Global collaboration will be imperative on the journey to net zero. Investments in powertrain innovation are urgently needed, and individual OEMs will need to pool their resources. This is the rationale behind forming a new, best-in-class powertrain company. With capabilities in Europe, Asia, and Americas, the new company will be well positioned to produce the next generation of hybrid and ICE technologies, combined with alternative fuel solutions. Ensuring that the mobility of tomorrow is within reach for all, independent of geographical location, infrastructure, or resource availability.

The Aurobay Power Delivery Unit

The Aurobay Power Delivery Unit is an on-board generator created to charge or give the electric battery an extra power boost whenever and wherever necessary. It extends range and generates longer uptime, ensuring fewer unplanned charging related delays or stops. The Power Delivery Unit enables smaller batteries in the vehicle, lowering both its cost and weight.

The Methanol engine

In the transition towards more sustainable energy sources, the quest for viable alternative fuels has led to significant innovations.

At Aurobay, we recognized the need to develop a methanol-compatible engine that not only addresses the challenges of methanol as a fuel but also leverages its environmental benefits to create an alternative solution for the future of transportation.

While methanol's advantages are clear, its adoption faces obstacles such as increased aldehydes, poor lubrication properties, and material compatibility issues. Aurobay's solution, centered around our knowledge with E85 and Biogas engine derivatives, and based on series of Spark Ignition 2.0l engines, is a testament to our commitment to fully exploiting methanol’s potential and advancing the future of transportation.