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Aurobay is racing at Pikes Peak

June 23rd

Aurobay’s high-performance engine takes on Pikes Peak

On 23 June, Aurobay, a HORSE Powertrain company, is excited to showcase its performance by racing a production engine at the world-famous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, an unforgiving high-altitude event featuring a 12.42-mile (19.99-km) track with 156 turns.

Tuned for high-altitude performance

This year, Aurobay is proudly competing with its Spark Ignition 2.0-liter high-performance engine. The engine is currently found in high-end passenger cars and is enjoyed by drivers around the world for its power and responsiveness.

To meet the rigors of this exceptionally demanding race, the engine has been specifically calibrated to maximize efficiency at the high altitude of Pikes Peak, allowing it to run at 6800 RPM. The engine has been refined to reach this level of performance, first through a dedicated rig testing process and then based on the results of a series of test runs on different sections of the track. Our team of highly skilled calibration engineers have worked tirelessly to find the optimum balance between performance and endurance in a low-oxygen environment.

Fuel of the future

To add to the challenge, Aurobay’s engine will run on a 70% renewable fuel, showcasing the company’s commitment to developing engines compatible with fuels of the future.

Racing to the clouds

The Pikes Peak track climbs 4,720 feet (1,440 m) to the high-altitude finish line at 14,115 feet (4,302 m). It’s a gruelling environment that pushes combustion engines to the limit and embodies the spirit of racing – speed and expertise, endurance, skill and absolute technical mastery.

While the driver and the car take the spotlight for the race, enthusiasts understand that this is a team sport and one that begins long before race day, with highly skilled engineers and technicians who fine-tune the engine to ensure absolute peak performance. Months – and sometimes years – of work, reach their climax in a race that lasts 9 minutes or less.

Partnering for success

Aurobay is delighted to be partnering with Italian racing car manufacturer, Wolf Racing – a four-time constructor’s winner of Pikes Peak. The five-times FIA European Hill Climb Champion Christian Merli will be behind the wheel making his Pikes Peak debut.

Meet us at Fan Fest

On June 21st, we will be at the traditional Fan Fest event in downtown Colorado Springs - come and meet us at our booth, where you will be able to have a chat with our engineers, Wolf Racing, and our outstanding driver Christian Merli.

Our engine

Pikes Peak Specifications:

  • Spark Ignition 2.0 litre engine
  • 380 hp
  • Turbocharged
  • Designed to run at 6800 RPM
  • 4 cylinders, inline
  • 1.969 l. displacement
  • 120.5 kg