Environmental policy

As a global manufacturing company, we have an impact on the environment and therefore a responsibility to act and continuously work to minimizing undesirable environmental impact, as well as protecting and supporting the well-being of our environment.

We care about our society and nature and strive to be a leader within sustainable and responsible manufacturing business. We fully recognize the challenges of climate change and are committed to conduct business in line with the Paris Agreement and the principles outlined below:

Our activities, products and services will be made with great care for the environment. With support from our certified environmental management system, we continuously work with improving our environmental performance over time in a systematic and efficient manner.

We measure the environmental footprint of our products and operations, using a life cycle perspective, which acts as a foundation for setting challenging and meaningful targets to minimize undesirable environmental impact. We are transparent with our status on environmental performance and our actions to improve in these areas.

Our primary focus areas on environmental action are to reduce our undesirable environmental impact and to transform our business from relying on linear principles to circular ones. We use industry best practice in our products and operations to optimize resource use and protect our environment from unnecessary pollution.

We design our products for value capture, life extension and waste elimination, and steadily increase the use of renewable energy and materials. We continuously seek new use areas for our waste streams to further increase circulation of resources in our value chain.

We achieve our goals by constantly improving ourselves, by having a data driven, science-based approach and by engaging with our stakeholders on environmental matters. Relevant environmental laws and regulations will at minimum be met, while our ambition is to surpass legal requirements for more immediate action on climate change.

We take accountability for our supply chain, and therefore require our suppliers to follow high environmental commitments. In procurement processes and strategic decisions, we put sustainability on par with cost and quality.

Approved by the Board of Directors on 21-12-2021