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Spark ignition 1.5 liter

Lightweight, modular 1.5L engine that’s hybrid-ready with excellent low-end torque and drivability.

This lightweight, modular, turbocharged engine offers many of the benefits of our award-winning 4-cylinder architecture in a smaller 3-cylinder frame. It combines excellent power and torque response with world-class fuel efficiency. The compact, simplified design makes the engine suitable for a range of applications. It can fit P1, P2 and P3 hybrid architectures and is suited to plug-in and full hybrid installations. Optimised low-friction combustion keeps emissions, noise and vibrations low.

Key features:

  • 200 bar high pressure fuel injection lowers fuel consumption and emissions
  • Precise variable valve timing (VVT) optimises power generation, performance and fuel economy at all engine speeds
  • Low inertia turbocharger improves response giving very low time-to-torque
  • Roller finger followers and lash adjusters in the valve system reduce friction and fuel consumption
  • The integrated exhaust manifold and water pump ensure faster heat up and low noise levels


Fuel:Petrol, E25, M15
Hybridization:ICE 12 V, MHEV 48 V, FHEV 400 V, PHEV 400 V
Rated power:132 kW @ 5500 RPM (DI)
Max torque:265 Nm @ 1500 – 3000 RPM (DI)
Emission standard:China 6b, Euro 6d, SULEV Japan, TZEV, Brazil L7
Spark ignition 1.5 liter front
Spark ignition 1.5 liter rear
Nm max torque (DI)
V hybrid-ready
d Euro emission standard

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