Responsible Business

We are an ethical and responsible company

Aurobay is an ethical company, driven not only by compliance but by a culture of doing what’s right for society and the planet.

As part of our sustainability strategy, we seek to be recognized as an industry leader in responsible business by 2040. To make our ambitions a reality, we are working to build company-wide awareness on anti-corruption, respect for human rights, sustainable sourcing of materials, climate change and more. We will also offer training for our suppliers in the coming years.

Through our heritage from Volvo Cars, we have inherited a strong tradition of responsible business, with care for each individual employee. We foster a transparent and open culture, where everybody is responsible for understanding and implementing our Code of Conduct. We are encouraged to speak up where we see or suspect wrongdoing and are currently setting up a whistleblower function.

We follow all local, national and international laws, exceeding compliance where we believe this is the right thing to do.

Our commitments to ethical behaviour

At Aurobay, we have made 15 commitments to acting ethically and responsibly in order to secure the sustainability of our business, society and the planet. These commitments are shaped by our values and are in line with the ten principles of the UN Global Compact:

  • Fair employment conditions
  • No discrimination or harassment
  • Compliance with applicable laws
  • Promotion of human rights
  • No child or forced labor
  • No corruption or bribery
  • No money laundering
  • Management of conflicts of interest
  • Fair competition
  • Respect for economic sanctions, embargoes and international trade laws
  • Good internal and external communication
  • Care for our environment
  • Excellent occupational health and safety
  • Infallible product safety and quality
  • Protection of company assets