Contract Manufacturing

Lean powertrain manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art factories are based around highly flexible production lines, which can be set up to suit both high and low volumes, even with the toughest tolerances.

Using the latest lean manufacturing processes and drawing on 100 years’ experience of pioneering manufacturing technology, our experienced production teams will work with you to tailor a solution.

We can manufacture or assemble hybrid engines, transmissions and electric motors, or offer support with machining parts, producing multiple product variants if needed, cost-effectively and to the highest quality standards.

We also offer an end-to-end precision tool sharpening service, including grinding, presetting, measuring and tool refurbishing to optimize your production.

Sustainable production Our factory in Skövde, Sweden is powered solely by renewable energy. Through reuse of heat from compressors, cooling systems and ventilation, we are self-sustainable on heating down to 5°C. We also aim for zero waste throughout the manufacturing cycle and recycle 100% of offcut aluminum back into engine production. Another two fractions of production waste are sold as byproducts and we are continuously working towards an increased circularity of resources.

Our proven commitment to reducing our environmental impact gives you peace of mind that your production will meet the highest global standards for sustainability.

Features of our contract manufacturing service include:

  • Assembly and machining line installation
  • Hybrid systems, ICE, transmissions and E-drive
  • Vast range of machine and assembly techniques
  • End-to-end tool sharpening service
  • Lean manufacturing processes
  • Commitment to minimizing environmental impact
  • Flexible production specifications
Assembly at Aurobay factory in Skövde, Sweden.